Before lash appointment

  • Lash extensions are a luxury service that take time for quality results. Be sure you arrive to appointment with a relaxed mind and schedule 🙂
  • For best results, rock your natural beauty the day of your appointment ! Wear absolutely no makeup on or near the eyes. Lash extensions adhere best to a fresh face with clean lashes 🙂
  • Be sure not to wear any cosmetic products containing oil near the eye area, the day of appointment. Lash adhesives and other products used during service do not adhere well to oil 
  • If you wear contact lenses , please wear glasses the day of appointment or bring your lens case. For safety purposes you will be asked to remove them before service
  • Avoid drinking coffee before appointment, as it can make it hard for the eyes to relax and remain closed during service.
  • Please silence your electronic devices before service begins.
  • If you have a specific look you want, feel free bring pictures for reference!

After lash appointment

  • Avoid oil-based products near the eyes and lash extensions.
  • Avoid wearing mascara on extensions. If you choose to wear other makeup, use an oil-free cleanser to thoroughly remove. 
  • Avoid large amounts of water near the eyes for first 24 hours.
  • Clean lashes 2-4 times per week with an appropriate lash cleanser 
  • Clean lashes thoroughly after swimming
  • Avoid grills, ovens, flames, or any extreme heat near the eyes.
  • Avoid picking or pulling at lashes.
  • Brush extensions with mascara wand, as needed.
  • Avoid sleeping directly on face. 
  • Return to lash artist within recommended time frame for an infill/touchup. 


No, we practice safe procedures and pride ourselves on quality so that no harm is done

 Lash extensions can last through a complete growth cycle of the natural lashes, which is typically up to 8 weeks, however you will experience shedding within that time frame so the appropriate time to return to your lash artist for maintenance is every 1-3 weeks.

No, if there is any pain within your eyelash extensions it’s possibly that an error was made in the application process . If this happens you should contact your lash artist immediately

Lash extensions are designed to eliminate the need of mascara so it is highly recommended not to wear it . Going against this can result in ruining your set of extensions. Other makeup can be worn just be sure to remove it daily with oil-free makeup wipes or a cleanser made for eyelash extensions.

Process times vary. On average, a full set takes about 1.5-3 hours. On average refills take about 45 mins -1.5 hour . For best results please prepare yourself and/or your ride for the wait and be patient with your lash artist

Lash extensions fall off on their own when the bond loosens or when the natural lashes sheds. If you would like them off sooner please return to your lash artist for a professional and safe removal